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If you read the piece on The GuardianThe SensorThe Activator, The Diplomat and The Crusader, you will have got an understanding of the different bio types that are depicted in the image below. If not here is the pre amble so you are up to speed.

​There are 3 body type categories which need to be explained before the delve into the world of the Connector. 
These develop in the womb as derms or layers of tissue which then have greater amount of energy go into their development as we start to take on human form in the womb and end up being either very much like one of our parent of perhaps a bit of a combo! In short the 3 are: Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph.

PictureAs you can see from the image on the left The Connector fits between the Guardian and the Activator making him or her a cross between a endomorph and a mesomorph. Each of the other nicknames on the wheel represent other types or blends of bio types or cross overs as mixtures are not unusual when it comes to genes and inheriting from your parents a cocktail of biology rather than a clean single type that stands out on its own. 

Each type has it’s own characteristics and each has different strengths, natural behaviours and tendencies which are tell tale signs of their  genetic make up. Often people will resonate with the details of their own profile once they see some of these characteristics and will embrace the information it provides them as they really feel understood.

​Having the information at their finger tips that helps support them in terms of what to eat, how to best exercise, when to best exercise and many more layers of lifestyle it becomes clear that the science of epigentics is very powerful and can help people both understand themselves but also steer their behaviours in the direction of good health rather than poor health. Essentially, when you start to follow the advice you are putting the body into a state of less stress both physical and mental which in turn helps the body shed weight and improve bio markers that are indicators of health.  In addition a number of the less measurable markers like happiness, energy, contentment in both work and play seem are evident.

Back to the Connector

As mentioned the Connector is a blend of Endomorph and Mesomorph. They tend to have shorter more athletic bodies but can hold more fat deposits akin to the endomorph. They need to work hard to attain lean bodies especially because their social nature often leads to them participating in less healthy choices in a group. Naturally high Oxcytocin levels make them generally more cheerful people with sunny dispositions and liked by others. 

Connector Strengths

Connectors consider the needs of others, are open and friendly very helpful available and forgiving
Good teammates share ideas, frequently think out loud and can often manage multiple tasks throughout the day, although not necessarily at the same time. Often great people person able to connect well with others and well liked by others. Can be enduring, resilient and resourceful. Able to adapt well in new and varying environments or social situations. 

Connectors Social

This is a Connectors wheel house! Motivated if family and friends share the programmes parameters. Ideally the Connectors will be part of a trusted group that shares meals and exercises together. 
Connecting with others is valuable in fact crucial to a Connectors overall health. They have a natural ability to understand others point of view as well as body language. With loyal supportive team members a Connector can be an excellent leader. 
They prefer to share time with family and friends. Like activities that allow human connection. Like to trust be friends and share and be active. Enjoy connecting with people may feel energising when talking with others. The Connector brain is resting unless stimulated, but often likes to be stimulated. Needs external feedback and attention and like others to day how they look & feel. Takes others judgement and opinions and reconstructs them to make them their own. Eats erratically and socially. 

Connectors Fitness

Connectors’ body wants to move. Every day and throughout the day – even if the connector person doesn’t want to!
They should have a workout buddy exercise training or frequent group exercise classes that allow for social connection. 
Diet and exercise will be more challenging when it is cold.
The more a connector body can workout the better it is for their body. It loves motion as well as challenge and yet it changes slowly. 
Need for stretching and moving otherwise may feel muscle pains. Males: extension of pectorals, females: extension of back. 
Tenancy to require movement but not only the explosive type. 
Needs to so something less boring – biking along the same path or on a cycling machine at the gym might be repetitive and solitary. Connectors enjoy changing scenes and having people around and activities with others. e.g. volleyball, touch etc.
​Good hard workouts will be good for connectors and they will get results. 

Connectors Food

The Connector is the true omnivore. They like a wide variety of foods which include fruits meats, but refined sugars are not good for them – surprise!
Grains and high heated oils should not be eaten frequently. Goji berries, acai berries green tea and golden berries are especially good for Connectors. Eating poorly may lower a Connectors mood and self confidence resulting in them being less thoughtful of other peoples feelings ans less focused in every day life. In fact a poor diet is often the start of a downward spiral. 
Sticking to their recommended diet when attending functions can be the biggest challenge for Connectors as the social setting can distract from staying on track – knowing this can allow them to put strategies in place in advance to set themselves up for better success. 
​Not being habitual eaters variety is key and important for their send of happiness and quality of life in general. 
A Connector will eat whenever during the day and in correspondence to temperature hunger strikes when it is colder. They should be encouraged to eat more in the morning and decrease their intake in the evening if they want to love weight. It’s best the have a last meal no later than 7pm that is void of sugars. 
Avoid stimulants – at morning and lunch some coffee is okay for many Connectors.

Connectors Mind, Place, Career

Connectors enjoy a variety of tasks in their work. They tend to be healthy active beings as long as it feels like the mind and body get to move. A long period of inactivity or task that is rote boring and sedentary will frustrate and emotionally depress the Connector.
Their mood will drop if they spend too much time alone, unless they are deeply passionate about what they are doing. 
They may prefer to talk their feelings out rather than sit on them internally. Loving good listeners as a result. 
They care about others and want to be cared for back. They do better maintaining relationships with family and friends in downtime, rather than sacrificing to much on their appearance work success or reputation. 
Visual stimulation is important to an Connector, so an outlook that will provide this is important for location of work and home. Sunny locations always a winner with Connectors. Seasonal changes with less sunshine can affect mood. This is a good time for increasing their social engagements to stay positive. If the environment is stimulating then they will maintain high energy and positivity. They tend to find diet and exercise hard is it’s too cold and might also complain about working out when its cold!
Connectors are often the person that cares the most about what is best for the group not just themselves. 
They like fairness and they may judge other if they perceive them as being unfair. It may help them to know that not everyone has the same priorities as them. A sales job, tour guide, speaker, teacher, manager customer services role and other socially engaging positions work well for Connectors. 
Some Connectors have also bee blessed with the ability of persuasion. They may network for business organisations and engage their friends and social contacts to connect people. 
They may have a higher capacity to understand multiple points of view.

​If some of this information is resonating with you but you have been struggling with your own health then perhaps it’s time to look for more support.
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