Online Training – Subscription

Online Training

Online training has become very popular and is a great solution for online fitness wherever you are. With a library of sessions to delve into when you like plus 3 sessions a week it really is a great way to get fit and healthy.

There are over 160 individual sessions already saved so there’s something for everyone in the private group.

3 live sessions each week for at least 40 weeks of the year your subscription runs for 52 weeks. That means a minimum of 120 online fitness sessions by the end of the year.

These sessions are all different and themed so you know (roughly!) what’s coming.

Look back at older sessions and also tune into the LIVE Wednesday health education session where we share hints and tips on all things health and wellness to support your journey.

Is this online workout option for you?

Answer these 3 questions:

  1. Do you like flexibility to workout when it suits you?
  2. Are you fed up of being locked down one minute and not the next – is your routine shot!?
  3. Is being connected to a community of like minded people, your kind of thing?
  4. Do you like movement variety across your week?

​If you were a YES to these then you are in the right place. This Fit 4 Life VIP group is for you and any friends you think would enjoy the experience. Run by an award winning health coach the group thrives on variety and change to each weeks sessions.

What our customers think of our online training…

“I was thinking during the session I don’t know how I would be without these online training classes – then I thought, I do actually! Without these classes I would have far less mobility, less body awareness, be carrying abdominal fat, would not have abs, would not be as happy.. the list goes on!!” 

What’s involved in the online fitness group?

Monday Movement

Monday Movement is all about getting the week started with a slightly lower intensity session with movement and heart rate, you’ll be challenged but well within your limits. Online training for everyone.

Wednesday Workout

Wednesday Workout is about getting a bit more out of breath and pushing the heart and lungs. Using a timer, you can put in as much work, or as little as you like. This is the online fitness session that will push you to better cardio vascular fitness.

Friday Freedom

Friday Freedom is all about finishing the week with some mobility and freeing of the body. If we always move the same way we will get jammed up pretty quickly. Making mobility part of your online fitness solution is crucial.

+ Every Wed: education session @ 12 noon