Movement Coaching

We love nothing better than to ‘fix’ people and their bodies.

At Fit 4 Life we believe that wishes can come true with the right help and determination and we love nothing better than to ‘fix’ people and their bodies. Whether it’s a current injury, recovering from an operation or a new niggles that has recently arisen, we like to analyse and help.

Who do you help?

Over the years we have helped all sorts of people recover, whether its from an operation, from a life long complaint or a re-occuring niggle. The end result is important but it’s the journey and how you get there that that is key.

  • Movement and Balance 95% 95%
  • Training and Lifestyle 70% 70%
  • Restorative Program 100% 100%
  • Endurance 85% 85%
  • Strength 85% 85%




How does it work?


Talk and Understand

The first thing is to talk and get a clear idea of expectation and end goal.

Review and Restore

As with all restorative programs it takes time and it’s as important to review as it is to exercise so this will be part of your plan.

Plan and Exercise

Once we understand restrictions and movement we can customise a training and lifestyle plan for you. We like to keep it simple but leave no stone unturned to help improve both the mental and physical abilities when it comes to your body.

Movement and Balance

Then we need to get an idea of how your body moves and where the issues lie, a movement and balance assessment is always a good place to start. This is a non invasive assessment that will provide a snapshot of your body at that time. It will give us a baseline to work from and revisit.

Can you really help?

​Most people can be ‘fixed’ but it does take time as the body may have to relearn patterns or turn on muscles that have not been used for a while. It’s important to understand that the body is a complex piece of machinery and reacts in different ways which may not seem logical to us. But with attention and consistent movement, it can heal it’s never too late.

Case Study

​He is a funny, kind gent who is looking to maximize his health in all ways possible.(an ideal client to work with) While looking to augment his overall health he has some challenges physically: the picture tells the story, he ain’t straight!!

  • Leg length difference (due to accident)
  • No cartilage in left knee (possible overload/wear due to shorter leg on other side)
  • Hip replacement 5 years ago

He’s wanting to buffer/protect his future health so we’ll be working on both the physical, mental, social and natural talents plus other elements of his life. Part of that is achieved by understanding his Epigenetic profile

He really wants to make a difference in his role at work and creating more energy, vitality and wellness for him is crucial.

As his structural issues cannot be changed we need to work with them but with a clear understanding that Phil’s stress bucket is already somewhat filled.

Introducing small habits over time to assist him manage and reduce his stress load elsewhere his body is more likely to adapt and respond to the things we work on physically, enabling him to live his best life into his late 50’s and well beyond. Let’s get started…