Corporate Health and Wellness

Do you have a healthy & productive team at work?

Smart businesses have realised a healthy team member is a happy, productive team member with bottom line benefits.

So why do so many companies shy away from doing something about it?

At Fit 4 Life we have met with all types of businesses to determine their goals and created a programme that will benefit everyone.

So how does it work?

“Managing the stress of employees can be a tricky balance. Although it is a requirement by law.” This programme does it for you and can assist you in implementing practices that will become part of your culture once the programme is over. The Fit 4 Life corporate health programme looks at both the internal and external health of the people working in your business and gives you the chance to take control of your business’ health and reap the rewards.

Taking steps to a healthier workforce

A great place to start is with a fun and interactive health presentation which talks to your staff. Getting their interest and engagement with relatable topics is paramount to the success of the programme. Some of the topics covered include measuring stress, healthy eating, exercise and breathing. The presentation also offers some really useful tools to take back to the workplace and reduce stress.

The presentation will benefit the entire group and give your company an idea of how Fit 4 life ‘rolls’. It will help you decide what outcomes you want within the company and what sort of programme you require.

And because we look at the complete picture we are able to take a far more holistic approach which enables us to identify what those needs are and then design packages which comprise of a number of different components.

Light-hearted and Fun presentation on Corporate Health and Wellness


What could a Corporate Wellness Programme look like?

Weekly group sessions

in a park with a skilled and experienced trainer

Weekly email

following up on goals agreed at the outset


Weekly articles

added into private Dropbox for whole team to read


Frequent interaction on WhatsApp

to keep everyone feeling involved and motivated. Also used for sharing info like recipes, workouts completed

Full-size check-in board

Each business receives a full size check-in board which they are encouraged to complete each day to help keep staff motivated



Information on nutrition and day to day healthy eating

What are the benefits?

Expected outcomes could be:

  • lowered blood pressure
  • healthier eating habits and reduced body fat
  • reduced absenteeism
  • greater team spirit and a happier team

Programmes can be delivered in person, online or using an app for accountability.

Duration can be anywhere from 12 weeks to 12 months+ depending on needs of the business – it takes time to change behaviours so we suggest no less than 3 months to begin with.

What is the investment?

Your business will benefit financially from this programme as it’s IRD approved. In addition to the GST back on the cost, the business does NOT pay fringe benefit tax (FBT 49%) which it would normally do for most other health programmes and gym memberships. Click here to learn more about SMEAEP.

Over time an investment of $100-$150 per employee could yield a return saving of $300-$450 per person – Ron Goetzel of Cornell University.

– Ron Goetzel of Cornell University.

What Corporate Clients are saying…


We engaged the services of Rich at Fit 4 Life to work with us on a health programme that saw us setting goals, working out as a team, receiving follow up and support emails, and had articles and team challenges delivered to us. There was even access to rehab programmes for us. Rich managed to deliver group information but also kept the interests and goals of the individuals in the group on track. I would recommend Rich if you are thinking of running a similar programme, in fact the team enjoyed it so much we extended the programme.

Scottie CEO –​


Rich – Thank you so much for an interesting presentation to the team last week. It was interesting, entertaining, relevant and I think we could have all listened to you for a lot longer than an hour. Looking forward to tracking the teams health scores over the next few weeks and working together in the future.

Kathryn, Chris, Ciaran and the HNZ Team (Harcourts)


As a staff member participating in our corporate health programme I have just been to my doctor for a check up. Previous blood pressure levels have been 140/90 but today it was 110/70 – the best it’s been in years. My doctor said it was due to healthier choices and exercise! Thanks Rich


Working with you definitely helped shake off a bit of an exercise malaise I had found myself in – it was so great to enjoy working out again- so thank you! Your health and fitness is very inspirational – I used to think that perhaps my fittest days were behind me. I don’t anymore. #newgoals! Thanks again!


Rich, a personal thanks from me – since shifting gears (mindset/commitment) I have: – Ditched coffee, decreased trash sugar intake (noticeable difference in energy levels) – Increased my movement, mindfulness, gratitude – Decreased my resting heart rate – And lost 4 kgs ​I’m pleased and very appreciative of all of your advice and wise words to date. Seemingly small things, have had a really major impact on my day-to-day.


We engaged Rich to complete a health and fitness presentation to each of our 3 offices and then we launched the 3 month long B-Inshape programme for all our agents to take part in, to help lose weight and/or get fitter. Richard took care of all the detail and kept in contact with our agents. Each month Richard presented back the results to the group in an entertaining and informative manner. He pushed us hard at the boot camps and we received educational newsletters on nutrition and fitness on a weekly basis. The monthly winner received a personal training session with Richard to help spur them on. The programme was well received by all employees who valued the investment in their health by the company and also the great team spirit and camaraderie and fun that resulted from the programme. I would recommend Richard to any company looking to make an investment in their people that will bring a return.

Sheryl Campbell Branch Manager – Bayleys Realty Group


Weekly sessions with Rich from Fit 4 Life over a 3 month period helped reinforce the importance of a balanced approach to life and health in our business. The benefits to FPNZ and the team for what was a very reasonable spend have to be seen to be believed and totally reinforce our ‘Live it Love it Protect it’ ethos.

Ed Aitken – MD FPNZ,