Get Going: Nutrition PackageIndividual Package

$249 for 3 sessions (1 x 60 mins, 2 x 30 mins)

This is a package that not only gets you closer to your goals but also empowers you with knowledge and guidance. The one-to-one tuition will give you confidence and support to get you started and begin a healthier way of living.

The package is broken down into 4 focus areas:

1. The Transition – information and guidance on how to transition to a healthier diet
2. The Calculations – core knowledge on calories and an understanding of what is in your food
3. The Journey – 1-1 tuition offering support and accountability within and outside of your sessions
4. The Food – meal plan ideas and healthy snacks & recipes to show you the way forward


What one client said about the programme: 

“Rich is highly knowledgeable in his field. I came to Rich for advice on nutrition and how to better enhance my diet. I have lost 13kg in 4x months. A big part of this was Rich’s great advice on how to better modulate my diet. Highly recommend Rich.” David S.

Group Online Nutrition CoachingGroup Coaching

$99 for a 6 week block (spaces limited – reserve your place next 6 week block starts: TBC)

This package is an affordable way to improve your nutrition and stay accountable. If you are looking for some extra knowledge and support with your eating habits and lifestyle then this is be the package for you. You’ll have the support of the group as well as the ongoing coaching both during the weekly online sessions and in the Facebook group.

How does it work?

  • Weekly online group sessions of 45 minutes, you’ll be sent a link once you’re signed up (Recorded to re-watch)
  • Weekly exercise programme (need movement ideas – get those too)
  • Private Facebook Support Group (session recordings, worksheet, support activities)
  • Revolving 6 week blocks so stay on, or jump off when you need to​.

Together we will talk through your goals and then work on a nutrition package that will work for you. ​

Which nutirition wellbeing package is right for you?