Speaking Services

Knowledge is power – but it’s what we do with that knowledge that makes the difference.

Rich is becoming a sought after speaker in the health industry specialising in corporate wellbeing and stress in the workplace.

His knowledge, expertise and practical skills enable him to pick out key factors effecting employees, giving them immediate goals to take away and put into practice.

​The way in which Rich presents makes the talk light hearted and fun which not only engages his audience but he also gets them on their feet experiencing some kind of movement – important in a predominantly sedentary world.

Workplace Stress

Are you looking after your staff?

Workplace stress is becoming more relevant in todays society and is an important element for employers to manage. Not only do we need to look after the external health of our employees but we also need to address the internal health.

Having Rich come and present to your business is a useful way of approaching the subject and managing this under health and safety law (plus it’s tax deductible).

Contact Rich today to get a quote for speaking at your event.

The NZ Wellness in the Workplace 2017 survey found stress was up 23% compared to previous years.

How do I book a talk?

Contact Rich today to get a quote for speaking at your event. For a full blown workplace wellness programme please see the Corporate Health page or contact Rich today. ​​​