Running is a skill and simple changes to your technique can make all the difference.

Just like any sport if you want to become better at it then it’s often best if you seek out some help or advice.

​Running is something we can all do but are we doing it efficiently and could we do it better?

Is this package for you?

Answer these 3 questions:

  1. Do you have an event or running goal coming up?
  2. Do you keep getting injured?
  3. Do you not really know where to start?

​If your answer is YES to any of the above questions then this package is probably perfect for you! We’ll not only analyse your technique but we will set you up with drills to improve your running style. We will also provide you with a distance programme that is designed for you that will also reduce the chance of injury.

What’s included in the running package?

Filmed Running Analysis

Filming and analysing your running stance in a controlled environment enables us to show you where your foot is landing, what pressure points you have and how we can improve your stance.

Corrective Programme

Once we have analysed your style we can give you some drills to help correct any bad habits, some exercises to help strengthen your legs and prevent injuries from happening.

Distance Programme

Often having something written down is just the motivation you need. Each week will be planned out for you giving you a distance goal and some stamina exercises to get you to your goal safely and injury free.

3 x 30 minute sessions for assessment and coaching

Running package value $477

Running package investment $299