The Crusader (yes I am a crusader!)

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If you read the piece on The GuardianThe SensorThe Activator and The Diplomat you will have got an understanding of the different bio types that are depicted in the image below. If not here it the pre amble so you are up to speed.

​There are 3 body type categories which need to be explained before the delve into the world of the Crusader. 
These develop in the womb as derms or layers of tissue which then have greater amount of energy go into their development as we start to take on human form in the womb and end up being either very much like one of our parent of perhaps a bit of a combo! In short the 3 are: Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph.

PictureAs you can see from the image on the left The Crusader fits between the Sensor and the Activator making him or her a cross between a ectomorph and a mesomorph. Each of the other nicknames on the wheel represent other types or blends of bio types or cross overs as mixtures are not unusual when it comes to genes and inheriting from your parents a cocktail of biology rather than a clean single type that stands out on its own. 
Each type has it’s own characteristics and each has different strengths, natural behaviours and tendencies which are tell tale signs of their  genetic make up. Often people will resonate with the details of their own profile once they see some of these characteristics and will embrace the information it provides them as they really feel understood.

Having the information at their finger tips that helps support them in terms of what to eat, how to best exercise, when to best exercise and many more layers of lifestyle it becomes clear that the science of epigentics is very powerful and can help people both understand themselves but also steer their behaviours in the direction of good health rather than poor health. Essentially, when you start to follow the advice you are putting the body into a state of less stress both physical and mental which in turn helps the body shed weight and improve bio markers that are indicators of health.  In addition a number of the less measurable markers like happiness, energy, contentment in both work and play seem are evident.

Back to The Crusader

As mentioned they are a mix of ecto and meso-morph body type. They tend to be able to add a little more size to the top half but the bottom half remains less thick through the joints and muscles. Crusaders typically have narrow calves despite possibly having broad shoulders.

Crusader Strengths

Ability to focus in one direction and maintain that focus. Good at goal keeping in more ways than one!! Like protocols precision and plans. Orderly mind is the sign of a desire to achieve. Can be extremely focused on job performance, success and achievement. 
If into sports they will give 110% (I know I can’t believe I typed that either everyone knows you can’t give more than 100%!!)  even over work their body to improve performance. Strong willed and dopamine dominant this is the reward hormone. Sometime the anticipation of an event is more exciting that the event itself. (Speak from experience!) Success creates repetition. Self determined without the need for constant praise or feedback. 

Crusader Social

Crusaders like to hang out with significant other, family or a small group of like minded people.
They interact well with most health types although more comfortable with logical people as opposed to unpredictable or illogical types.
They may judge others if they are less self reliant or less strong.
Crusaders are challenged by other crusaders for their logic and their drive for leadership. 
​They don’t necessarily like to be alone, but often appreciate alone time. 

Crusader Fitness

Crusaders benefit from activities that offer long, consistent movement like swimming, hiking, running cycling. They can be built for endurance and can , make great athletes. Physical exercise is like everything else; purpose and efficiency are important. Crusaders do not want to waste their time or energy.
They do need to take care with running due to increased risk of cervical hernia and knee joint issues. 
Good posture is important but so is maintaining flexibility and range of motion through the joints. Being typically longer and leaner flexibility can be an issue.
Less adaptability to unpredictable stress can make them less agile on their feet. 
They will produce alot of dopamine when they exercise. Stretching helps compensate for tension along the back.
Always important to warm up before activity. Proprioceptive training is helpful. 

Crusader Food

Crusaders will need to eat often – having fast metabolisms their energy requirements are high. Their brains are highly sensitive to toxins. Alcohol, coffee, drugs, sugars are harmful to their brains. This vulnerability makes them more prone to diseases of the brain and nervous system. 
​A Crusaders long lean muscles and fast metabolism keeps their body in shape although they are prone to low levels of calcium and excess build up pf calcium deposits hence their are food recommendation that suggest they take calcium rich food along with vitamin D rich food.  
Slow well cooked foods suit them best as they have weaker than others digestive systems. Some may suffer symptoms others may not. A sluggish mind, low physical energy or feeling down can result when Crusaders are not eating a mineral rich diet.  
Crusaders ability to be highly committed to their eating regime. They have discipline to resist most unhealthy foods. In fact as social events a crusader might not give food enough important, and instead enjoy a deep conversation sharing their viewpoint or listening to an expert in a field of interest. 

Crusader Mind

Can be impatient. Skeptical, rigid, stubborn, insensitive demanding of others  and self. Strives to direct and control emotional energy and may have an inability to adapt. (Gulp!)
They are driven to achieve and frequently succeed when goals require a high level of mental and physical work.
Crusaders are good at creating implementing strategies and directing work flow. 
Often have an insatiable curiosity which feeds their drive to learning. Crusaders enjoy a challenge do well with routine are dependable responsible and perceived as intelligent. They prefer predictability, reliability and accept responsibility. 
Crusaders are highly skeptical and want logic or scientific proof that something works before they try it. If they understand the principles and logic well, they may be willing to test it for themselves before being supportive. 
They seek out the detail in things, and thrive on learning and creating. They are competitive and ambiguous and strive for accuracy in order to be authoritative and correct in the positions. 
Willing to take risks and make large efforts to make their goals a reality. Reward system – when an objective is reached dopamine is released and this drive them to reach their goals. The largest dopamine receptors are in the frontal cortex which is often very active in this health type.  
They tend to control and apportion emotional energy and even sacrifice a lot to achieve what they believe they must. However, they can burnout and become depressed. They have a linear thought pattern.

Crusader – Place, Career


Crusaders like lots of fresh air, sunshine, open spaces.​ Can be sensitive to windy climates. Being cooped up indoors without fresh air may cause headaches as they can become victim to co2 build up. 
Ideal climate for a Crusader is mountain air or sea breeze type location. They like organised spaces at home and work. They feel less comfortable with mess and disorganisation around them. They need room for growth, change challenge and self expression. 

A Crusaders mind is rarely at rest. Most energy is consumed by their brains, In general crusaders are heavy thinkers idea creators interpreters of data. They tend to be specific and methodical when working on a task, project or pursuing a goal. 
Work needs to be meaningful even if not fun! Can work under demanding conditions so long as there’s an end goal in mind. 
Naturally independent Crusaders prefer to be the leader and will follow their own lead while they learn from their mistakes. They can be flexible enough to work in a group or with a partner but their preference is to be in charge. Crusaders succeed as academic professors, and research scientists, and thrive in careers that require thinking on their feet. Their pursuits often require a deep knowledge base that is challenging and requires innovation sharing opinions and giving direction. 
Crusaders become stress when working under constraints, where their ability to influence, grow and change things based on how they believe is best is restricted. 
Loving structure they are great problem solvers project creators and business builders. 

​If some of this information is resonating with you but you have been struggling with your own health then perhaps it’s time to look for more support.
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