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If you read the piece on The Guardian and The Sensor and The Activator you will have got an understanding of the different bio types that are depicted in the image below. If not here it the pre amble so you are up to speed.

​There are 3 body type categories which need to be explained before the delve into the world of the guardian. 
These develop in the womb as derms or layers of tissue which then have greater amount of energy go into their development as we start to take on human form in the womb and end up being either very much like one of our parent of perhaps a bit of a combo! In short the 3 are: Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph. 

PictureAs you can see from the image on the left The Diplomat fits between the Sensor and the Guardian category. Each of the other nicknames on the wheel represent other types or blends of bio types or cross overs as mixtures are not unusual when it comes to genes and inheriting from your parents a cocktail of biology rather than a clean single type that stands out on its own. The Diplomat can be a blend of ectomorph and endomorph. Depending on where you sit on the wheel you can be much more Sensor like or much more Guardian like. 
Each type has it’s own characteristics and each has different strengths, natural behaviours and tendencies which are tell tale signs of their  genetic make up. Often people will resonate with the details of their own profile once they see some of these characteristics and will embrace the information it provides them as they really feel understood.

​Having the information at their finger tips that helps support them in terms of what to eat, how to best exercise, when to best exercise and many more layers of lifestyle it becomes clear that the science of epigentics is very powerful and can help people both understand themselves but also steer their behaviours in the direction of good health rather than poor health. Essentially, when you start to follow the advice you are putting the body into a state of less stress both physical and mental which in turn helps the body shed weight and improve bio markers that are indicators of health.  In addition a number of the less measurable markers like happiness, energy, contentment in both work and play seem are evident.

Back to the Diplomat

As mentioned they are a mix of endo and ectomorph. As such there can be quite a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to the Diplo. They have a tenancy to be lean and tall, but a physical ‘softness’ to them. They can be easy going consistent, ruminating thinkers and prefer balance and structure. 

Diplomat Strengths

Durable, reliable, safe, methodical, steady and enduring. 
They can learn well and may be good at recognising patterns i.e. in people, diseases, nature because they like predictability. 
Can be easy going and fair minded enough to help mediate conflict. 
Do well with a predictable patterned routine. Have an efficient digestive system that absorbs nutrients well, when the gut is healthy. When blood sugar is in balance, they can go 5 -6 hours between meals without feeling hungry due to their slow digestion.

Diplomat Social

Diplo’s enjoy spending time with family and close friends. At larger social events they are generally mellow and easy going content to remain low key. Most people will find them pleasant to talk with. They may appear to be shy and quiet, because they are not likely to initial conversation. But they are happy to participate when someone engages them in conversation or activities. They are less quiet with people they know. 
​They may fume before letting their feelings out directly. They are not easily agitated but must release their emotions once they reach a certain threshold. This can lead to emotional outbursts after long periods of bottling things up. 
They find themselves more comfortable with laid back low stress low demanding people and similar social situations.

Diplomat Fitness

Generally with a larger body mass and thick muscle structure Diplos can be strong if they engage in regular exercise. Upper body workouts like boxing rowing are beneficial to male Diplos where lower body workouts like kickboxing are beneficial to female Diplos. 
They naturally conserve energy. It is important for them to select an exercise programme that is enjoyable. A fun activity will keep them motivated. They can exercise alone or with other as long as they can go at their own pace. 
They may tend to resist getting sore or doing activities that cause pain but if they do then its in pursuit of a goal by which they can be very motivated. 
Swimming is an ideal exercise as it’s low impact, meets a Diplo’s need for increased circulation and min to no discomfort. 

Not eating well or exercising will not doubt cause weight gain for a diplo. 

Be aware of tendons and use of isometric exercises to strengthen tendons, especially in legs of the more ectomorphc Diplomat – those closer to the Sensor on the wheel.

Diplomat Food

As discussed Diplos can miss meals or go long periods without food. Sugar is a problem for the Diplomat. Their pancreas is not strong and can be easily overworked. 
When a Diplo is not eating best for their body, they can feel lethargic, moody, and irritable – which may exacerbate a depressed mood and tempt them towards laziness. They may withdraw to a coach potato state after eating large portions of fatty meat, heavy sweetened snacks and too few vitamin rich vegetables. 
Diplos are frequently motivated by pleasure versus a strict regime of healthy food choices. Family functions and holiday parties will often tempt a Diplo to divert from the healthy plan. They will be tempted by the availability of their favourite foods conveniently available. Success for a Diplo will depend on a diet that is easy to follow, pleasant, and exhibits positive results within a reasonable period. 
Lots of vitamins needed – A, B and E all that are absorbed in the GI tract. Time is required to digest them. allowing 5-6 hours. They are prone to intestinal issues and dysbiosis (unbalanced gut micro biome)  so making sure the gut flora is healthy and well is a key factor to a Diplos health. 

Diplomat – Mind, Place, Career

PictureDiplos thrive when they’re outside in vast open spaces.
They often enjoy slower rhythm of activity, like a walking pace or hike over a sprint. 
They are gentle and friendly but are not considered an outgoing personality – this is a broad generalisation, I know lots of social Diplo’s but it may not be their default or favourite thing to do.
They are ok being alone, or prefer to spend time with their families and close friends rather than a room full of strangers. 
Warmer climates are a Diplos fave location but they can tolerate colder climes. 
They prefer locations that are low stress, architectural spaces that are colourful and use flowing patterns that are open spaces. 
Diplomats are loyal employees and productive people. They are best in low stress, steady routine occupations. Demanding jobs with a continuous stream of rush assignments, pressing deadlines or high quotas and frequent changes are not conducive to a Diplos nature. 
Dipos will like their home environment and a work space that is stimulating soothing and relatively calm throughout the day. 
Diplos connect well with their co workers, with skills and abilities to manage stressful occurrences, and those who are prone to have outgoing personalities.
They enjoy being with people analysing systems and patterns (engineer types, architects) going slow and steady and taking their time to perform tasks at their own methodical pace.
They also tend to have good judgement, be precise calculators and are able to consider many points of view, can be technical and can manage more than one processes or projects at once.

If some of this information is resonating with you but you have been struggling with your own health then perhaps it’s time to look for more support.
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