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If you read the piece on The Guardian and The Sensor you will have got an understanding of the different bio types that are depicted in the image below. If not here it the pre amble so you are up to speed.

​There are 3 body type categories which need to be explained before the delve into the world of the guardian. 
These develop in the womb as derms or layers of tissue which then have greater amount of energy go into their development as we start to take on human form in the womb and end up being either very much like one of our parent of perhaps a bit of a combo! In short the 3 are: Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph. 

PictureAs you can see from the image on the left the Activator fits right in the middle of the Mesomorph category. Each of the other nicknames on the wheel represent other types or blends of bio types or cross overs as mixtures are not unusual when it comes to genes and inheriting from your parents a cocktail of biology rather than a clean single type that stands out on its own.
Each type has it’s own characteristics and each has different strengths, natural behaviours and tendencies which are tell tale signs of their  genetic make up. Often people will resonate with the details of their own profile once they see some of these characteristics and will embrace the information it provides them as they really feel understood.

​Having the information at their finger tips that helps support them in terms of what to eat, how to best exercise, when to best exercise and many more layers of lifestyle it becomes clear that the science of epigentics is very powerful and can help people both understand themselves but also steer their behaviours in the direction of good health rather than poor health. Essentially, when you start to follow the advice you are putting the body into a state of less stress both physical and mental which in turn helps the body shed weight and improve bio markers that are indicators of health.  In addition a number of the less measurable markers like happiness, energy, contentment in both work and play seem are evident.

Back to The Activator

The Activator is pure mesomorph as as a result has a naturally athletic body. The tend to me slightly shorter in stature and make great gymnasts, sprinters and soccer players. Their muscle tone tends to develop well when they train. They have high energy levels and athletic ability.

Activator Strengths

 They are also independent, adaptable, competitive, determined and dynamic. They may tend to have wilder sides to their personality and be quite boisterous at times. Although impulsive Activator’s can be disciplined too. An Activator’s adaptability means they can role with the punches of daily life but find it hard to find the ‘off’ switch sometimes. Once they understand something they just do it but are also good with imperfect action often doing then thinking rather than the other way around which a Sensor might be more prone to doing. 

Activator Social

Activators are strong, independent and appreciate others who are equally capable, strong and independent. 
They can be excellent leaders if they so choose. Their ability to navigate complex tasks see the macro picture and lead a group though these things puts the Activator at the front of the pack.
They tend to be able to maintain high energy levels especially when the environment is stimulating and dynamic and allows for both variety and an ability to connect with like minded people, family members and  close friends. 
They may be unaffected if someone does not accept them into their tribe. They will prefer to spend time with close family and friends. They also like diversity and enjoy varying viewpoints of all groups.

Activator Fitness

Activators need to move. They do not like to be still for very long, so sedentary jobs will not work well for them. The physical effect of this could be pain, vision problems, migraines or psychological issues like aggression, irritability.
Activators bodies hold their natural shape over their life time well because of the high level of muscles in their make up. Their bodies thrive when given the right amount of antioxidants and essential fatty acids are part of their dietary intake. If they were to neglect their body for some time they would bounce back to a fitter leaner physique quite quickly but length of recovery from exercise will be age dependent. 
Anaerobic exercise is important to this body type with some aerobic but not many sprinters are great long distance runners. So shorts bursts suit the activator much better than long slow stuff which more suits the Guardian
Hand eye co-ordination tends to be very good so racket sports will suit an Activator. Their natural explosiveness suits their physical ability to do the same thing. Challenge triggers better performance for an Activator. 
HOWEVER, rest/recovery must come after these intense session – one of the Activator weaknesses is not stopping they are driven by hormones that makes them a go-go-go person so burn out can be a very real issue for them if they don’t schedule in the rest required. 

Activator Food

Activators like a variety of food including fruits, meats but they do well to limit their grains and dairy. Sugars should be natural and consumed in limited amounts as should high heat oils. Adding antioxidants into their meals supports activators overall health. They they’re not eating what is best for their body such as sweetened desserts pre packaged foods they may become less naturally energetic, less happy or even less motivated to the point of lethargy – all because of poor nutrition. 
If out and about they may be disciplined enough to take their own foods or just avoid those which do not suit their body type to stay on track with their overall health goals. 
Protein is the main source of fuel for repair and training. Their body requires clean animal protein for muscles tendons and connective tissue – as they are so active this fuel is important to them. 
​Less fat intake – fat will induce gallstone as they are prone to hepatic and biliary stasis. 

Activator – Mind, Place, Career

PictureActivators like to be stimulated. So mentally challenging tasks and work is best suited to them. They should not repeat the same tasks too many times! Career wise a role that brings plenty of variety will be the best option for them. Being expressive creators Activators will be suits to creative fields, they life taking risks and appreciate that in others too.
They are also prepared to learn through pain, so these may be the children that won’t take no for an answer and will fall out of the tree and break an arm – now they know what it feels like they have learnt!
Visual stimulation is important as is a warmer climate. The home environment needs to be more countryside that inner city for an Activator to thrive. 
Gray days are a good time for Activators to accumulate new information and engage in group exercise activities. 

Teachers, leaders, stock brokers, real estate agents, coaches are all great roles for the Activator. They tend to be independent so won’t need assistance in their duties. They are flexible and natural leaders, that can work alone or in groups. They are good at healing others see new points of view and brainstorm new ideas as well as come up with workable solutions to problems. 
Activators also like time to themselves to reflect  uninfluenced by others to focus and reflect on their own ideas and creative expression. 

If some of this information is resonating with you but you have been struggling with your own health then perhaps it’s time to look for more support.
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