Resilience the word of 2020

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There are other of course, “lockdown” would be befitting, perhaps “pandemic” is another appropriate word. 
But if we had to humanise the year then it’s how we’ve reacted to it that sums it up for me – it’s what’s connected us all through this testing time.

Mine is very much a New Zealand perspective but having family in the UK who are aged from mid 70’s to less than 10 there is still a relevance of the European struggle on my mind too. I’ve talked about resilience in earlier blogs but this one is with 202 in mind. 

The qualities we show when we are resilient go beyond the pandemic and the lockdown they are behaviours that will endure way after these other things have passed. As the image depicts its about getting back up again. It’s also about moving forwards from that point. 

It’s not just overcoming the obstacles in our way but being changed by them for the better. Building on what we already have and making it stronger. ‘Enhancing our super powers’ if you like. These will take us to new levels of grit when we need them. Our immunity both biological and mental has grown, we have taken non a challenge and made it through.

We can make ourselves more of less vulnerable by how we think. This is within our power. It comes back in part to the things we can control and those we can’t.

Wise philosophers have told us this already it’s not new news. It’s how we respond that matter or counts.  Epictetus said: “men are disturbed not by the things which happen, but by the opinions about the thing” in other words do we see the havoc caused or the opportunity to grow from it? Despite losses and horrific numbers of illness and death we have learnt what serves us and what does not. What depletes us and what charges us up. 

Technology has served us better, we’ve had time to look after our health just a little more than we did prior to being locked down. Having had the opportunity to really evaluate what’s important to us we have been able to expand, by connecting with what we truly value and grown as a result. 

The more we summon and strengthen our resilience the more likely we are to bounce forward and hit the new year and all that it has to offer.  

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