Move well, before you move lots

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If you think about it our bodies are very much like our cars. If we look after them they look after us. Often it can be too easy to skip a service or let the tyres get so worn down that the car may not even pass it’s WOF. Would you do the same to your body?
If we do the same to our body then eventually the effects of neglect WILL come back to bite us on the arse! We must look after the only body we have. It is the only place we have to live!

If we have uneven wear on a tyre or tyres then eventually we will have to replace them. If we have uneven wear on a hip for example – a new hip will set you or your insurance company back a good $50,000. Would you rather invest a little now to prevent the disruption of the hip operation?

That’s where the concept of moving well before you move lots comes in.

Prevent a worn joint becoming a shredded joint!

By getting the body into alignment just like the car tyre, it will mean that it will wear exactly how it was deigned to, but if it remains out of balance then the wear will be uneven and disproportionate for the activity being carried out. Think a short walk versus a half marathon. The walk may not do too much damage but throw in a 21k run then issues will be magnified with the larger amount of repetition being placed upon the joint and muscle(s) in question. 

How, I hear you ask. How do I move well before I move lots?

Get your body balanced.

If you do lots of one type of exercise think about mixing it up so other parts of you body get a look in on the action. Think also about doing different modalities. If you like to run then think about moving slower perhaps yoga which involves some sideways and rotation moves – as running can be all about the straight line forwards.
If you like cycling think about how you can move your body in a different way like, swimming which involves alot more rotation than being on a bike.

If you want to take this to a greater degree of finesse then engage the services of someone who is a musculo-skeletal specialist. These people will be able to identify where you have imbalances in the body and work out a way to even them back up again for better, more evenly balanced use again. This will involve some identifying of current movement patterns and ways in which other newer patterns can be layered into the way you move for healthier more nourishing movement. 

Our connective tissues follow the patterns we give them and are often very repetitive as we are creatures of habit. We find what we like and we do it over and over again. This can be good for consistency but bad for our brains long terms (they like variety) and bad for our joints and ability to adapt to new things think; body builder trying to do ballet!!!

We know that lack of diversity can cause injuries. To the extent that we now know fixed machines in a gym cause more injuries than free weights. Our bodies are not designed to be stuck in fixed planes of movement for ever and a day.

As I eluded to earlier our brains enjoy and adapt to the variety that other movements provide. If we give our brains the chance it can adapt and retain the neuroplasticity it is well known for. 

If you have lost range of movement. If you are wanting to preserve your body for longevity it is worth thinking about getting variety into your movement life. Seek the help of a movement specialist who can help you identify your weaknesses and find ways to work on them and maximise your strengths for longevity and wellbeing. 

If you would like to book in to find out what yours may be feel free hit this link to set up a time or hit the button below.

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