The Silver Lining – there’s always a silver lining right?!

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Dark clouds can represent dark or testing times, even hopeless times, but the silver lining means that after difficult times better days can follow. 
This is something I want to explore in this blog. There are some health messages in here too!

The onslaught of COVID19 has meant that we have had to change our lives drastically and some may see that as a bad thing in the short term, and it may be so, but I think if you take just a moment to stand back and have a look at it there are many SILVER LININGS in this.


PictureDespite the massive disruption of moving work to home. Kids home from school, staying indoors now we are at level 4 – things have actually had to slow down a little more than they normally do day to day.
With this slow down it has given us time to connect with one another. This connection is great for our health. In fact in one Harvard study it was found to be the most important health factor affecting longevity. Those who had good strong relationships and connections lived the longest – and these guys were studied from birth to death!! More connected = longer life = HUGE SILVER LINING. Online / Offline – keep in touch at this time.


Some companies are already onto the benefits of allowing people to work from home which so long as managed well can bring huge productivity gains and feel good factors to both business and employees. The fact that we have had to lock down and keep working from home AS A NATION as forced the slower movers in this field. Companies have really had to adapt making full use of the technology available to stay connected keep an eye on work streams and peoples activities. In fact it has been proven, here in New Zealand,  that Picture

allowing this flexibility is good for profitability, productivity, wellbeing and a sustainable future – MASSIVE SILVER LINING.  4 day week is a new movement that has been proven to work by Andrew Barnes at Perpetual Guardian. He even did a TEDx talk in Auckland which is worth checking out. The economy, once it bounces back could well be more efficient and profitable as a result of this learning and adaptation experience.


With something as communicable as a virus there are no borders. It can move as fast as it likes so long as it has a (human) carrier. We have seen the difficulties the airlines have had and how much of a colossal impact this has had on their businesses. However, as in world wars of only decades ago – countries banded together to fight a common enemy. The same is true here, although each country has it’s own challenges. With the fires in Australia lots of international aid was sent to help with putting the fires out. We are great at helping each other out when times are testing.
In this virus driven co-operative environment we are all having to work together: individually, as communities, as regions and as countries. BE KIND – One of the mantras that has been played again and again in the media. Aren’t we kind always – NO. People can be pretty unkind sometimes but in these testing times we really are not going to get anywhere with an unkind attitude to our fellow man. Kindness and co-operation will help us get through. Reinforcing these helpful behaviours is a GREAT BIG SILVER LINING.
I received a text from my neighbour yesterday – just checking in  on me. Offering to lend a friendly ear if it was needed. This neighbourliness goes a long way to helping people feel connected and thought about at this trying time.How good would it be if some of these stuck for people?


Since people have taken a break from their usual routines it has given us a window into what mother nature may look like if we give her a little space.

​​As you may have heard the canals in Venice are slight cleaner with less boating and people traffic on them. The wildlife has explored further than is it used to due to sensing a cleaner water environment.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the SMALL SILVER LINING and celebrate Mother Nature’s short breath of fresh air, unimpeded by our incessant global travel.

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