ENERGY – The Currency of Health

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PictureIn my humble opinion ENERGY truly is the currency of health.

​We can save it, we can spend it, we can give it away or we can create it…..are there more options?

So what do you do with yours?

Do you spend yours on others? Let’s call that WORK.
Do you keep any for you? Let’s call that ME TIME.
Do you share some and keep some? Let’s call that BALANCE.

Whatever and however you manage your energy it is fair to say without it you have nothing. Energy really is the life blood of everyday living. We need a good amount of it to live life to the full. People can take it from us if we allow them to this is within our control but we need to be careful how we allow people around us to deal with us. What will you accept and what will you not?

At some point our brains need a certain amount of down time. For some this may only be when they get into bed shut their eyes and drift off to sleep assuming this process is not affected by other things! If you can find additional time to wind down before the shut eye moment arrives you’ll be restoring energy and allowing your body some well deserved ME TIME – that may be a simple as reading your favourite book. Taking a gentle walk or sitting in the spa with your favourite drink. Less screen time plays a large part in the success of this – have rules for yourself. 

Our bodies are designed to move. If we don’t move them much during the day they can become stagnant. Muscle imbalances can start to appear with aches and pains that weren’t there before. Movement is essential to firing up the mitochondria in our cells. Movement makes them work their little energy butts of using fuel from your body to energies your cells to operate to capacity. An ongoing sedentary life will bring more more issues than good. Find what movement works for you and your body and keep doing it. This will bring rewards in energy, stress management and many other health benefits.

Finally if we each owned a Ferrari and put 91 unleaded in it – well it wouldn’t perform very well as it is a finely tuned machine that requires the highest quality 98 or better to work at it’s peak. Sooooo, think of your own body as that Ferrari we really are highly tuned machines that have the ability to perforce amazing things if we fuel them well. Just eating real food takes us a long way down the highway before we need to stop and top up with more high octane fuel. Eating food that has been meddled with is food our bodies don’t recognise. We will soon be making a pit stop if we keep eating processed, highly manufactured foods.   

Achieving that balance is the biggest challenge. There is work, there is family, there is community. There are so many things that take us away from things we’d rather be doing but carving out a little time for yourself each day or week will go a long way to getting closer the whatever your definition of ‘balance’ is. 

If you are way off track, your diet is poor. Your energy is lacking. You feel as though you don’t know which way to go to return to energy Fit 4 Life has brand new health coaching packages. 3 options allows you to set the time frame for your journey back to health. Have a look here or book in your a free 20 minute session to see what your needs are.

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