How much fruit is too much fruit?

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Messages about sugar not being good for us have now confused the question about fruit and the natural sugars in them to the point that we may not be sure whether it’s OK to eat or not.

What’s fair to say is that  if you are eating a balanced diet which is rich in WHOLE, NATURAL  & UNPROCESSED food types then you can eat fruit for sure. 

What you need to know is how much sugar is going to impact your health in a negative way negative.
Most fruits are high in fibre – this is good. Fibre slows down digestion, is good for your gut health and also reduces  the speed sugars are taken into the blood stream. 
It is advised to stay away from dried fruit and fruit juices as you lose that fibre and you’ll get the sugar hit you are not wanting health wise – as this stimulates the insulin hormone which is your fat/energy storage mechanism. You will not burn fat while it is circulating in your system. 

Fruit is also great from a vitamin point of view. We get vitamin C from a lot of fruit as well as beta-carotene good for eye health and vitamin K which is handy for blood health and helps bind calcium in bones and other tissues. 

Your average piece of fruit contains about 80-120 calories and is usually made up of carbs with some having a little fat and protein – but don’t rely on these last 2. Fruit is predominantly a carb but please don’t let that put you off.
We need some carbs (the more active you are the more you need) and we certainly need vitamins and minerals for optimal bodily function. Vegetables and fruit are the best place to get these.

So how much?

Well if you are looking to lose some weight I wouldn’t recommend more than 1 maximum 2 pieces of fruit a day. They can be made up of any fresh fruits – make sure you wash them in water and vinegar before eating to remove and nasties that may be on the skins – I’m talking pesticides and fungicides to name but 2. In an ideal world they are different colours and one is ideally a berry of some kind.

Berries tend to be lower in sugar content, but what they do have is partially offset by the fibre they have with them. This time of year berries are great – the boring old apple can be rested and you can go for all sorts of berries which are the ideal fruit “GO TO”. Lots of anti-oxidants which help our body’s manage and mop up oxidative stress in the body which is just what happens day to day – the more stress you experience though, the more anti oxidants you will need.

Here are some fruit examples so you can see the calories and the carbs.

Fruit            I     Calories     I    Carbs (g)   
Mango                  107                28g              
Blueberries            21                5.5g
(1 cup) 
Banana                 110               29g
Sultanas (box)      315               72g
5 Dried apricots    100               24g 
1 Peach                50                 8g

The key is balance and colour in your diet. Don’t eat a tonne of fruit if you are not active or trying to lose weight. If you are at a healthy weight enjoy 2-3 pieces of colourful fruit a day and try to get a berries of some kind into 1 or 2 or those servings.

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