I used to be a cereal and toast bloke, now…

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Those were the days, but those were the things I had been brought up with.
I’d get up for school, head to the kitchen put the bread into the toaster and start eating my bowl of cereal – this usually consisted of Sultana Bran, so, could be worse like Friut Loops full of colourful E numbers!
It has only been in recent years when I have taken a bigger interest in food, nutrition and recently completing my grad cert with Holistic Performance Nutrition to become a nutrition coach that I cemented in a few things I thought were healthy, but wasn’t ever truly sure. 

You see, we are advised that we should only eat the equivalent of 6 tea spoons of sugar over the course of the day. But if you have breakfast like I was having, add in a glass of apple or orange juice it wouldn’t be difficult to hit the 6 in that single sitting. Clearly by the end of the day I would have been over the 6 for sure. There had to be a better way of eating so that I didn’t always need morning tea at 10.30 and I could go through til lunch happy that I was satisfied from the breakfast meal. 
​The food industry and specifically the breakfast cereal manufacturers have educated us into thinking that we must eat their products to start the day off right when in fact if we do we will probably be hungry again before 10.30 if we were to stick to their portion sizes, as they simply won’t keep up going long enough.

If we eat foods that don’t keep us full for long enough then we will be back for more adding to our daily calorie intake.

​Foods low in naturally occurring fibre, protein and high in sugar, natural or added will spike our blood sugars and there will be a corresponding drop in blood sugars once the hormone insulin kicks in to dispose of the sugar into our muscles or liver. Once those jobs are done if there is still sugar in our system it is converted to fat – if we don’t move around enough to burn it off that is.

Once I realised I didn’t have to stick to this idea of cereal and toast every day things changed. ​There are no rules we have to follow. Eat what you want. If it’s last nights dinner – go for it.
If it’s eggs and vegetables – go for it!
If it’s chia seed pudding – go for it. 
This pic more closely represents what I eat for breky now. Some days are better than others but on the whole it is: WHOLE, NATURAL & UNPROCESSED foods that set me up for a day on my feet full of energy and not hungry until lunch time – assuming I have eaten enough. 

So find things that you enjoy. Find food that satisfies your hunger and try eating that for breakfast instead of toast and cereal. 
You’ll be amazed how you feel. 
You’ll get to your 5+ a day so much more easily which is a must for all the vitamins and minerals that our body requires to operate at it’s best. 

If you are struggling for what to eat or cannot shift those final few kg’s from Christmas drop me a message and I’d be happy to help you workout the best way for your body to stay healthy and on top of life. 

Yours in health Rich 021 777 417.

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