5 Reasons to TRX!

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Body weight training using TRXThe suspension trainer or generically known as the TRX but there are many other brands and numerous copies is one of the best pieces of equipment and why it comes standard as part of the items you receive in the new health coaching packages I have just created.

#1: It’s easy to take EVERYWHERE

It truly is smaller than a ladies handbag and once you have it as part of your travel equipment you will never need another gym membership again!

#2: Classes are easy to do for EVERYONE

Try a Fit 4 Life class and join those who have been doing it for years or complete beginners. The great thing about the TRX is that it allows all levels to access the system by leveraging body weight. The fitter and stronger you are the more body weight you add into the exercise. Therefore the class can have all levels and everyone gets a decent workout. 

#3: Busy people need CONVENIENCE

If you have a TRX set up you can be on and off the system in as little as 10-15 minutes. You will cover all the major muscles groups in that time and your metabolism will be revved up for the rest of the day – giving you that satisfying after burn feel and the knowledge that you didn’t miss your exercise for the day. Do it twice for 15 minutes and there is your World Health Authority recommended 30 minutes done!

#4: SIMPLE means you’re more likely to do it!

No fancy bits to adjust. No tricky slots to change the weights to your level. No heavy weights to lift or put back in there place – just hoist the straps and get moving. Use it as your warm up, your mobility system, Your strength system and your cool down and stretch system – it really is that good. See the video above for a couple of tips.

#5: Your WAISTLINE with thank you

As you probably know – as we age we lose muscle mass. That means the knock-on effect is a slower metabolism which therefore means we need to eat less because our bodies don’t need as much fuel. However – keep the strength training activities up and you’ll maintain the muscle mass you might have lost otherwise and you’ll keep that metabolism racing. You will therefore BURN more calories at rest and keep the slender svelte like waistline you had in your younger years – it really is the fountain of YOUTH!

TRX’s are currently only $189 +P&P

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