Epigenetics – An introduction to epigenetics and why it is the next health revolution…I kid you not!

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“Epi ~ around/above”    ”Genetics ~ Study of genes”
“the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself”

I first came across this phenomenon via one of my mentors who had been using the power of epigenetics to support her clients and colleagues for better health.

Following that exposure I attended a seminar that went into quite a bit of detail over an hour which explained the 6 different ‘geno-types’ or bio types and how they all behave and why they are different. The types of foods that suit them better. They types of exercise that suit them more than others. The places they would be best suited to living, e.g. warm climate versus colder climate. The kinds of work places that would be best for them in terms of environment and how these and other elements play a large role in the overall health of the individual. Beyond this it also covered the minds of these people and how they are so very different and driven by different neurotransmitters (chemicals) in the body. Once this seminar had finished I was more keen, but as I’ve learnt since then my own bio type is particularly sceptical – this means I didn’t warm to this concept straight away. I needed more evidence!

Fast forward to about 9 months and after hearing more and more about epigenetics, listening to podcasts, talking to colleagues who had completed the course I discovered it was being run in Auckland so stuck my hand up – yes I had enough evidence that my scepticism was quashed!

Why am I wittering on I hear you shout!

​The reason for the long intro was because it was epigenetics that explained why it took me so long to take it on board. I am a sceptic and therefore living according to my bio type to the letter it would seem. I am a Crusader! Not the rugby kind the epigenetics kind. There are 5 others.
Guardian, Diplomat, Sensor, Activator and Connector. We all have a dominant type but can easily share characteristics of others. One of the big things that differentiates us from the others is our dominant neurotransmitter. Each has a different transmitter which is why behaviour is so different between the different bio types and which ultimately makes us unique in our own special way!

Scientists have been working on genetic behaviours and epigenetics for many years now. I recently read that up to 150,000 different genetic types have been identified but for the purposes of implementing health types and distilling it down to it’s essential parts as usable information there are a handful.

The subject of genetics goes back to the womb. You were given a set of genes from your parents and these then set off a chemical reaction which was the development of your body, your brain and your nervous system. As embryos we develop 1 or a blend of possibly 2 body types. There are 3. They start life as derms – ectoderms, mesoderms and endoderms.  As a fully grown adult we are: ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Each has a bias in terms of whether the body was developed more than the brain and nervous system. This comes from your parents – obviously, as we often look very similar to one of both parents. The build, traits, personality and many more innate characteristics are what make us the bio type we are today. 

The power of epigenetics kicks in once you know and understand your profile. From the point of setting up your profile you then learn about all the preferences you will have in terms of behaviour, goals, career, fitness, and lifestyle. Now this may be completely at odds with where you currently are at or you may well have a number of the recommendations in place already. We tend to learn what works for us and what doesn’t over time. The profile just short cuts all the guess work for you and gives it to you in an easily digestible format that you can dip in and out of whenever you want. It can also be used for coaching. You may want someone to help you navigate the details and help set some goals so you are able to implement the recommendations into everyday life so they ‘stick’.

That’s where I come in! Helping people ‘do health’ for the last time ever in their lives. If you follow the recommendations you will be well on track for the least stress, best health and fitness and happiest life you could imagine. This really is the blueprint to your specific health needs in one place.

If you would like to know more or are keen to get your profile done have a look at this page or book in with me today and we can talk about what your needs are in terms of using the platform.


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