Disconnecting from your workday without it costing you….

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Start a little earlier to set yourself up for a GREAT day
Even if it’s just fifteen minutes, getting up that little bit earlier gives you the chance to wake up and connect with yourself  before looking at your phone, starting the mad rush that is getting off to work in the morning, and before the kids get up. Whether it’s having a coffee on your own, or just sitting somewhere quiet, this morning prep will help you feel like you have had some time to yourself before you dive head first into your busy day.

Healthy Office Habits
For this one, we suggest the 10am, 12pm, 2pm rule. At each interval, take a 5 to 10-minute break, which means getting up from the desk and walking a lap of the office or just simply standing and stretching. It may seem impossible to pull yourself away from your desk if you have deadlines to meet, phones calls to make or emails that need replying to, but taking a few minutes to move your body, your brain will be refreshed and feeling more productive than ever. Set a reminder on your phone so you are prompted to get up and move!

Don’t over commit – what you say ‘no’ to may define your energy levels
Human beings aim to please, but if you’re saying yes to everything and not being true to yourself, you are on a one-way road to total burn-out. Prioritising your time and taking care of yourself both at home and the office should take priority. So next time your colleague asks you to photocopy the photos from her daughter’s first birthday, and you’d rather head to that lunchtime yoga class, politely decline.

Try some workplace movement
Gentle movment or meditation sessions in the workplace are a great way to take time out and boost productivity among staff. Try suggesting incorporating workplace wellness sessions into your workplace during your lunch break. If that isn’t a viable option, find a gym close by and book in for a lunchtime yoga or fitness. If you need to be held accountable to keep this in your schedule, see if a colleague will commit to coming along with you. Squeeze in time to eat a nutritious lunch then get stuck back into your work feeling revived and ready to go.

Picture Bring some live plants into your workspace
There’s nothing more on-trend right now than indoor plants. Indoor plants are both visually appealing and filter the air, minimising your exposure to moulds and other toxins. Research has shown that plants in the office increase workplace satisfaction and boost productivity. Brighten up your day with a low maintenance, air purifying plants such as mother-in-law’s tongue, devil’s ivy, bamboo or aloe vera.

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