A one minute (or less) exercise to alter your state

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Accessing your peripheral vision provides you with an opportunity to experience a state of heightened sensory awareness and a feeling of calm. Better still, it’s quick.


Engaging Peripheral Vision Is Useful:

  • When you’d like to be open to lucky opportunities!
  • To achieve a state of calm in a short space of time.
  • When you need to change from one activity to another. For example, when you’ve been focusing on a piece of work on your computer and now you need to call someone. It’s useful to be in an expansive state when you’re talking to someone and you can do this exercise quickly before making that phone call.
  • Driving a car so you see the whole flow of traffic – and not just the bumper of the car in front of you!
  • Presenting and training so you can be conscious the reactions of the entire audience.
  • Competitive sports, so you’re aware of the movements of opponents and team members.

So how?

  • Keep your head level. Find a point in front of you and slightly above normal eye level, or focus your attention on the centre of your forehead.
  • Fix your gaze on that point. Notice whatever details you can about that particular point.
  • Loosen your jaw.
  • Allow your mind to relax and let your awareness expand out to the sides while still looking at that spot.
  • Notice what you can see, hear and feel in the outside edge of that space.
  • Continue to expand your awareness all the way out to the sides. You may notice that you can see things that are slightly behind you!
  • Once you notice your breathing change, lower your eyes to normal level and notice how your state has become calmer and how much more expansive your vision has become.
  • Repeat whenever you would like to feel calmer and/or have more expansive awareness.

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