Winter Warmers – Reducing your chance of sickness

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You may remember my Rich’s Rant around this time last year. I was sending the message about how to keep yourself from being hit by the winter ills like a cold or god forbid the full on flu which if you’ve had it you’ll know it stops you and puts you in bed!

So this year a similar theme. What can you do to keep yourself ahead of the bugs and fighting fit through the colder months of the year.

Eating for micronutrients

With the amount of processed food at every turn nowadays people are not getting enough of their fair share of vitamins and minerals which are so important to immune function. Your 5 a day is a low bar to reach and ideally you beat that by the end of each day. 5-10 would be an even better number of veggies a day, don’t stop at 5 just because the sign in the supermarket says so. If you are unable to keep up with this number then supplementing with a super greens powder type product goes a long way to making up your numbers. 

Vitamin D

I’m on the vitamin D band wagon at the moment with clients and friends as it’s so hard to keep your levels of this all important Vitamin over winter. I understand that whatever you have built up over summer may only get you half way through winter before your levels need topping up to assist with health and immunity.
Cod liver oil is my go to for supplementing over winter, when the sun ain’t shining. It’s pretty easy to take and actually tastes OK, packs more punch than those fish oil pills you can get your hands on everywhere. 

Vitamin C

Everyone seems to know the importance of this special guy. It’s probably in everyone’s cupboard and there is bound to be yellow and orange citrus fruit in your fruit bowl. Are you eating it consistently though?
I know it’s easy to give it a big push when you start to feel unwell but keeping your levels topped up all the time is a better way to fight the infections. If you never let your levels drop – you make it harder for the bugs to take hold in the first place.

Zinc – my new friend!

I’ve recently started taking a zinc supplement, not for immunity reasons but to balance hormones! Don’t ask!! However, this micro nutrient is crucial for immunity as well. It is a powerful player in fighting infection and could well improve your recovery rate once infection sets in. You’ll be back on your feet in no time with the ‘Z’ in your system.

If you are struggling with someone more than a cold at the moment, I have new services which assist with maximising heath. A good starting point if your latest blood results. If you have these on file and would like me to take a look at them – run them through my spreadsheet looking for deviation from optimal health then I’d be happy to chat with you about health coaching options. Contact me today to find out more.

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