Training your off switch – Part 1

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Getting back to healthy habits

When it comes to getting back on track after the holidays. Some things can be easier than others.

  • Wearing shoes again instead of the jandals (flip flops!) EASY (ish)
  • Eating more regularly at meal times EASY
  • Stopping drinking when there’s a hint of sunshine and/or a social occasion NOT SO EASY!

The habit of having a cheeky drink at the end of the day seems to hang around the longest and can be the one thing that holds you back from making progress on your goals the most.

Start small and work on one thing at a time.

Here’s my list of how to’s for training your OFF SWITCH:

  1. Cut down on the evening drinks don’t try and go cold turkey
  2. Once you get to one drink it can be much easier to give up – pick a day and do it.
  3. Find a tasty alternative that doesn’t contain the calories – my go to is soda water with maybe a drop of lime cordial

Here are a few more mental strategies: for training your OFF SWITCH:

  1. Alter your mindset to one that focuses one other things like, energy, how your body feels each day – does it feel young or achy and old! What you eat and drink has a massive impact on this. Once you get to the point of only wanting an energised body you’ll find it easier to stick to the healthy eating that nourishes your body and energy levels. Don’t forget quality sleep is the other key ingredient. Oxford scientists claim we now get between one and two hours’ less sleep than we did 60 years ago.
  2. Fill out a food diary – this generally helps with mindfulness when it comes to eating. You will think a little more about what you eat if you know you’re recording it.
  3. List the things holding you back and the things that could move you forwards. If you need to, give each one a time line, so you work on bite sizes chunks in your quest for energy and a leaner body. We are more successful when we focus on one thing at a time.
  4. The barrier to forming new habits can often be more about letting go of the old rather than trying to form the new ones – create a to do list, or diary certain actions for yourself. There is the simple calendar app in your phone or you can use reminders or even more sophisticated apps that jog your memory to drink more water etc. Whatever works for you. Take 5 minutes set it up and follow through.

Part 2 on “How to Switch off after work” – coming soon….

​Reference: Daily Telegraph

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