Sniffles – Are you a sniffer?

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Are you one of those people that despite taking all the correct supplements, despite eating a well balanced diet you seem to end up with the sniffles – and perhaps keep them way beyond the time you would expect them to clear up?
You may have some fatigue issues. I am talking about adrenal fatigue which can be serious if left untreated. This is one of the symptoms and although we are in winter in the southern hemisphere, this can be something which lingers during the warmer months too.
I found that during my journey out of fatigue I still had and have a sniffle which can’t be explained – until I read more and found out that it’s a symptom. 

Why is this an issue? – I hear you ask

Well, you may be perpetuating the issue if you constantly sniff all the time. Your constant sniffing means you will keep sniffing!
The way this works is that your body responds to your breath. The depth, the frequency and timing of breathing can have a profound effect on your body.
​In this situation, you need to use your conscious mind to unlock your subconscious mind to help heal your body. Normally your brain would just work it out on its own but in this case, you can intervene. 
HOW? Well, your in-breath is catabolic and your out-breath is anabolic, that means the in-breath breaks things down but the out-breath re-builds them. So if you can learn to breathe in deeply, hold that for a second then breathe out slowly and meaningfully – ideally half the speed you took to breathe in, you can teach your body to calm itself, which in turn switches off the sympathetic nervous system (think fight or flight) and switches on the parasympathetic nervous system (think meditation and relaxation). In this mode, your body will be more inclined to heal and boost your immune system in turn helping heal the adrenals and eventually reducing the sniffles.*

“ need to use your conscious mind to unlock your subconscious mind..”

So next time you sniff, think, is this a cold, or a habit  that needs to be looked after so I can return to normal health.

If you need help with stress or fatigue make contact today to see how we can help you with stress, anxiety or general fatigue issues in your life. There are ways forward and with the right support you will be back to full energy again soon.

*You many need other intervention

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