Food Sensitivity and Testing

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Some people know they have an allergy to certain foods. They either react badly or can have rashes or worse anaphylactic shock which can be deadly.

With food sensitivity it’s not so severe but can still affect your wellbeing day to day if you are not aware of what is affecting you. It can take anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days for symptoms to show up with a food sensitivity which makes it really hard to identify the culprit. The sad thing is that the food in question can be a healthy food like lettuce or nuts.

45% of people are intolerant to a food causing unwanted stress and inflammation on the body

ENTER – FOOD SENSITIVITY TESTING! This test will check through 93 different foods and help you to identify low medium and high sensitivity to these foods. Thus allowing you the ability to reduce or eliminate certain foods from your diet to get healthy and irritation free.

 Included with the test are:

1.      A report and a protocol for you to follow now the foods that are affecting you have been identified can be addressed head on.
2.      Also there is a skype consult with a nutritionist which will help you integrate the protocol into your everyday eating which should help you make the necessary changes in your life and reduce inflammation for good.

 The benefits of this are clear. As you identify the issue foods you will give your body the best chance to free up unwanted fat deposits and reduce any water retention that may be occurring in your body.

 This service is not open to the public it is accessed via a qualified practitioner, contact Rich today either on email: or phone/text 021 777 417.

Check out the site and take the test to see if it’s right for you: if it is use Rich’s practitioner code to get a discount at checkout: fstestr15e

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