So you’ve given up alcohol – How’s that going for you?

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After a relatively indulgent Christmas and January one of my clients decided to forgo alcohol for the month of February.

I decided to share that with others via Facebook and a few have chosen to jump on board this 28 day journey without a drop of the strong stuff.

Today is only day 5 and I pondered how I was doing in my post bootcamp shower. It must be a similar process to sticking to exercise I thought.

If it’s not something you do all the time (exercise that is) sticking to it must be as difficult as sticking to an alcohol free diet, being something I/we don’t do all the time.

I hope I have drawn a comparable similarity to the two things – correct me if I’m wrong.

I am hoping to support those doing this challenge with me, I have been supported by others offering to sponsor me a specific amount for everyday I don’t have a drink and donate the sum to charity at the end.

This will certainly become and mind over matter challenge as time goes on but I also believe that it will slowly get easier as I fully accept that it will become my new norm – for a while at least.

My goal is to use it as an opportunity to drop a little body fat and reveal some abs all being well.

You see alcohol as enjoyable as it is, is a secret assassin of a balanced diet. The calories slip down all too easy and can make the difference at the end of the day to consuming more calories than you require for your total energy expenditure. It’s sneaky because it fits into the gaps left by the food you eat and doesn’t fill you up in the same way food does.

Every gram of alcohol will provide you with 7 calories that’s not far behind fat at 9 calories per gram!! Put the glass down!

When we consume alcohol it slows our metabolism and the liver prioritises the evacuation of the alcohol at the expense of properly processing other food and stores it instead! Not to mention the rubbish food that generally gets eaten as our guards lower during alcohol consumption!

I’ll update you on progress in a week or 2!!

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