Blog II: So you’ve given up alcohol – How’s that going for you?

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It was day 5 the last time I blogged on this subject, so as today is the halfway point I thought it timely to give an update of some of the interesting findings so far, most of which will probably not be a surprise, but one may.

As it is Valentine’s Day there will be an expectation that alcohol should be drunk even in moderation to celebrate this special day. This raises the topic of expectations generally. The weekends have been the most challenging part of this Feb Fast. These are the days that bring social occasions, barbecues and other catching up with friends or family which generally – and the expectation is always there that we drink alcohol. It actually feels like you’re being rude when you turn down a glass of wine or a beer when offered one – it’s nice to be a little self-righteous that a drop hasn’t passed these lips in 14 days but nevertheless expectations are dashed and guilt sets in.

None of the above is really a surprise as alcohol has become an interwoven element in our social fabric but what may be a surprise, and it was to me, is the muscle gain I have achieved. I haven’t carried out any formal research but have read a couple of different articles on alcohol that state; alcohol can inhibit muscle growth, particularly in the period straight after a workout when you should be feeding it protein to assist in recovery of the worked muscles. I have gained a little over 2kg’s in the last 2-4 weeks which sounds like a lot  – I’m a ‘hard gainer’ so it was a huge surprise to me. It’s difficult to know whether this is down to the lack of alcohol or something else. So if you’re a hard gainer try laying off the booze for a week or two and work just as hard at the gym.

Blog III will be at the end of this Feb Fast journey and in between there is a 50th birthday party which involves Toga’s! – plus alcohol, that is going to be a challenge, but I’m determined to succeed, I don’t enjoy starting something I can’t finish and love to win so here goes, to the next 14 days….

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