LYMPHASCIAL™️ RESET – But what is it?

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The lymphatic system is the body’s sewerage drainage system is simple terms.
It is responsible for moving fluid back to the heart so it can be disposed of through the key filtration organs the liver and the kidneys for excretion.

What happens if it doesn’t do it’s job properly?

Well it can get backed up! The systems can become blocked, clogged, slow moving. This can lead to toxicity build up in the body. Over time this can lead to serious consequences for the bodies ability to stay well. 


This image gives you a good idea of where the system lives in your body. Over 70% is in your neck!
This also gives you a clear idea of the main junctions of lymph in the body and where the Lymphascial ™️ treatment focuses. 
It starts at the back of the knees and works its way up the body finishing on the head and the ears which is where there are lots of lymph nodes which will receive the gentle treatment of the reset.
Some of the benefits this treatment gives you are: ​

  •  stress reduction
  •  relaxation
  •  relief from muscle tension
  •  improvement of circulation
  •  enhanced energy flow
  •  greater mobility
  •  reduced inflammation
  • overall experience of greater wellbeing

Not only is the lymphatic system being stimulated but the connective tissue (fascia) is also being worked so that the increase in mobility you may find flows through to better movement following your treatment.

When it comes to movement the lymphatic system love it. As this system has no pump, unlike the circulatory system which has our heart, we rely solely on movement to promote this flow of fluid through the lymphatic system. This is why circulation and swelling can be an issue for sedentary people as their bodies simply do not move enough each day. Have your ankles ever swollen on a plane – part of this is due to lack of movement.
If you are keen to book in a try this treatment please click on this link and you can find a time that suits you best. Early bird rate runs until March 31st 2020.

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